Johnson Controls Systems

Quality Building Controls takes pride in the fact we’ve chosen Johnson Controls as our BAS software and hardware provider. Our dedication to providing state-of-the-art technology in an extremely fast paced industry originally led us to Johnson Controls and its Facility Explorer and Metasys programs. We have continued our partnership because of their dependable solutions and money saving results.

Web Accessible

  • 40% of building operators rely on mobile devices

Intuitive Design

  • Reduces learning time to only 5 minutes

Space Based Navigation

  • No need for memorization

Easy to Use

  • Requires less clicks than competitors

Space-By-Space Status Info

  • View as list or map layout

Continuous Security Improvements

  • Adheres to industry best practices

Why Choose a Tridium Niagara Based System?

Facility Explorer is a Tridium Niagara Based System. Tridium Niagara is the global leader in building automation framework featuring open source code for a stronger community of developers. Their active group of coders and developers ensure a better product, innovative solutions, market specific upgrades and most importantly leads to longevity of the system in your building. Updates, upgrades and changes to a Tridium Niagra system can be done by any of the thousands of developers across the world.

Use your current equipment.

Today, most Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment manufacturers include microprocessor-based interfaces or controllers built into their equipment. This means in most cases your current equipment will not have to be replaced to work with our building automation system.