When to Consider a System Performance Review

  • You Current System Does Not Receive Annual Calibration
  • Your Utility Bills Seem Too High
  • Continuous Tenant Complaints About Utility Cost
  • Your Maintenance Staff is Overwhelmed with Service Calls
  • You Are Interested in the Benefits of LEED Certification

System Performance Reviews

A QBC System Performance Review will provide you with a detailed summary of your existing control and mechanical system. Our review will illustrate any components within your system that have failed or are failing causing waste and unnecessary added utility cost.
Recommendations will be made on which control strategies you should implement to significantly reduce energy consumption and improve comfort of your occupants at the same time. These recommendations will save you money on your utility bills, improve the life of your equipment, and help maintain a regular maintenance schedule.
Sometimes a simple calibration and tuning will not fix the issue. There may be equipment that has reached the end of its useful life that may need to be replaced. Rather than continue to spend valuable funding on attempting to maintain inefficient equipment and poorly operating controls, we recommend you replace it. The energy savings with these upgrades will reduce operating cost, minimize customer complaints and provide your maintenance staff time to perform preventative service rather than reactive repairs.

Why Retrofit?

  • Reduced Operating Cost
  • Lower Utility Bills
  • Reduced Service Bills
  • Reduced Occupant Complaints
  • Free Time for Maintenance Staff to Perform Preventative Service
  • Modern Equipment is Often Smaller, Quieter, & Can Be Controlled Online

Minimized Disruption During Install

Replacing equipment and controls have become more timely and much less disruptive to occupied spaces. Equipment is now more modular. Control systems have evolved to wireless technology which makes a retrofit less invasive to the occupied tenant space.

Finance It

Did you know we offer financing for your retrofit? For many customers your utility savings will pay for your retrofit. In many cases you see a full ROI in less than 3 Years!