The service group is the true measure of what we provide at QBC. Our customer’s satisfaction is measured in the low number of warranty issues for both new installations and service work. Our high priority service response is very quick on those rare occasions when the system fails. In most cases (when remote access is available) we can be online with your facility in a matter of minutes to help your operators diagnose the problem. We will either fix the problem or lessen its impact until complete repairs can be made.

Experience Matters

Our service technicians are our senior technicians, many of whom have moved up through the ranks and have experience with both the online and hardware portions of the system. They have installed it, started it, operated it and repaired it. Although, this is not a common asset in the market, QBC believes it’s a priority for our technicians.

Commitment to Continued Training

Although QBC prides itself on its broad knowledge base, we are committed to continued training for all our technicians. Through OJT and In-House Training Courses, our technicians focus on the art of:
  • Software
  • Mechanical Systems Knowledge
  • Pneumatic Control Concepts
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Electronics
  • Programming